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unleash your fire

When an inexplicable fatigue appears in Tabby's body, one moonlit night, it brings a world of much more that tiredness. 

It is the key, Tabby realises, to all she desires; a fantastic compass that will guide her to joy, unconditional worthiness and grounded-ness so that

"Even if the world as I know it were to dissolve, I would stay joyous. For that is my birthright."


So, now, as the 'real world' shifts on its axis, you are invited to take Tabby as your travel buddy. When your lives meet in the liminal realm - you'll be co-creating pieces of our new world.  

Episode 1

Episode One will be available until November 17th at 12pm GMT / 7am Eastern / 4am Pacific / 1pm CET 

Tabby's body has something to say but she'd rather not hear it.

Her soul, however, has other ideas. There's been a bag packed and path paved for her journey, for millennia. One that's wildly honest and spine-guided.

When 2012 hits, Tabby's ready to stop pretending she wants anything other than to find out where her body will lead her. Time to go there, together...


Episode 2

Episode Two will be available until November 18th at 10am GMT / 5am Eastern / 2am Pacific / 11am CET 

Now the magic's unfolding in earnest, it's time for Tabby to change realms. Having left the softness and safety of The First Place - The Second Place beckons. 


Episode 3

Episode Three will be available until November 19th at 10am GMT / 5am Eastern / 2am Pacific / 11am CET 

Tabby, her body and their companions continue their quest with twists and turns beyond the rainbow-pavement. 

Episode 4

Episode Four will be available until November 20th at 10am GMT / 5am Eastern / 2am Pacific / 11am CET 

Root your bottom on a cushion for this one.

Just when you thought you knew how it was going to end... 

Episode 5

Episode Five will be available until November 21st at 10am GMT / 5am Eastern / 2am Pacific / 11am CET 

Tabby takes her final steps to land, smush and snuggle in

2020 where we




And ground our feet for what's coming next. 



Tabby's Way has been written, performed and produced by Ellie Paskell who, as well as being the creator of Cradle Your Body, Unleash Your Fire, is a Somatic Soul Coach™ and award winning actress. Having touched hearts, the world over, with her performances on stage and screen, Ellie now brings her talents and creations to you.

"The power of story to invigorate our creational powers is huge and much needed in these times. I'm delighted to be bringing Tabby to life and for you to join her has you fly your own path.

Everything you can imagine with your inner eye is possible. Let's remember our beautiful new world, together."



© 2020 by Ellie Paskell.