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Alexandra Pope

& Sjanie hugo Wurlitzer

Hold Space for you to:


menstrual cycle awareness

The session includes guided practice and discussion. Within in, you will:

-Be supported to take the practice of Menstrual Cycle Awareness into your life for health, magic and revolution!

-Discover how doing so can connect you to your purpose and heal your body. 

-Feel into and honour your menstrual cycle (in a 10 minute practice) 

Sjanie and Alexandras' session will be available until Tuesday 17th November at 12pm GMT / 7am Eastern / 4am Pacific / 1pm CET :

Alexandra and Sjanie's beautiful session is no longer available.

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Alexandra and Sjanie’s free gift to you:

Menstrual Cycle Awareness e-book

Create a deeper relationship with your body, one that is kind, more responsive and opens the door to a well of inner knowing. 


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Alexandra & Sjanie are the co-founders of Red School, and co-authors

of  the iconic and hugely celebrated book from Hay House, Wild Power: discover the magic of the menstrual cycle and awaken the

feminine path to power. 


They are pioneering the new emerging field of menstruality, creating

a new lexicon and approach to women’s health and wellbeing; creativity and

leadership; and spiritual life based on the power of our menstruality



Between them they bring over 45 years of experience. And today they

teach worldwide on the psycho-spiritual process of maturation that unfolds from

menarche to menopause and beyond. They’re committed to training the

menstruality leaders of the future.

Learn more about their work at: