Holds Space for you to:



The Session involves guided practice and magical discussion. 

During it, you will:

-Move as feels good to you - supported by Susannah in her movement medicine practice (15 minutes)

-Sink, gently into your body

-Discover the importance of interoception (feeling what's alive in your body) for personal and collective healing. 

Susannah's session will be available until Thursday November 19th at at 10am GMT / 5am Eastern / 2am Pacific / 11am CET :




unleash your fire

Susannah's free gift to you:

A Movement Medicine Journey:

 'awakening the dancer' 


to claim Susannah's free gift.

Susannah is a Movement Medicine Woman whose life is devoted to empowering, healing and teaching and to living with joy, purpose and love.  The empowerment she offers is based in embodied learning through the simultaneously precise and freedom giving choreography of movement medicine, music and writing. 


Her being, her work and her life are all about connection: body, heart and mind; individual self with the community of life on earth; the manifest and the world of spirit. Susannah’s own deeply embodied knowledge of the creativity inherent in every single one of us gives courage to her participants to dare to liberate, evolve and share the unique and original gifts inside. 


She is co-founder of Movement Medicine, runs the School of Movement Medicine with her husband Ya’Acov Darling Khan, and is a music maker, writer, pony whisperer and is deeply connected with the land where they live, the Amazon Rainforest and the Pachamama Alliance. 


She has taught movement as medicine internationally since 1989, is acclaimed for her gentle strength, passionate integrity, humourous compassion and visionary weaving of scientific, psychotherapeutic and systemic/ecological paradigms. Her original back ground is in Anthropology and Gestalt Psychotherapy. Currently she is developing the Professsional Training Programme of the School of Movement Medicine, including advanced CPD and training and empowering the next generation of Movement Medicine Apprentice Leaders. 


She is also currently working for the Kings Fund to bring movement medicine to women leaders in the NHS. 


Her work benefits from cutting edge neuro-science and the findings of trauma work and her work with her wild born Exmoor ponies, in which she is learning with these fine-tuned mirror masters about the sympathetic and para-sympathetic nervous systems.



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