Holds Space for you to:

Receive Embodied Support

During Your Spiritual Awakening

The Session involves guided practice and discussion.

Within it, you will:

-Enjoy a guided practice to calm your nervous system (10 mins) 

-Hear honest, vulnerable shares from the panel

-Discover: the link between post traumatic stress disorder and spiritual awakening and

why humans are coming into their bodies en-mass at this time. 

The Panel's session will be available until Thursday 19th November at 10am GMT / 5am Eastern / 2am Pacific / 11am CET 




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Sameer is a filmmaker and a follower of the non-dual path, having had a Kundalini awakening in 2006 which changed the direction of his life. Before this experience he had worked in both finance and then in the creative industries, but after a few years of a Kundalini awakening Sameer was inspired to enrol in film school and pursue a creative path himself.


His films have been selected for festivals such as Palm Springs and Aesthetica and have bought and distributed by the Sundance Channel as well as winning funding from Film London. He has worked across the board from documentary to fashion and music videos.


His most recent project ‘A Call to Awakening’ is a series of short films about individual and collective awakening, and are his first foray into merging his awakening experience with filmmaking. The films can be watched at the link above.


Sameer also helped found, a community and resource for people who are going through a spiritual awakening.


Katie is an Author, Campaign Founder, Film Producer and Publisher with a specialist interest in mental health and spirituality.

She was one of the Founding Directors of the International Spiritual Emergence Network, providing a collaborative platform for the global networks that exist to support people going through the spiritual emergence process. Katie also founded the International anti- stigma campaign, #EmergingProud, which aims to re-frame mental distress as a possible catalyst for positive transformation.

Her most recent projects are the ongoing publication of the 'KindaProud' series of 'Pocket Books of Hope' to help normalise different themes of emotional distress, and the docu-series; A Call to Awakening, A series of films for our time.

From crisis to awakening, and finding our call to action,

to creating and holding a vision for the future.


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Dr Mick Collins lived in a Tibetan Buddhist Monastery between 1983-6 and it was during this time that he experienced a spiritual crisis. He eventually went on to train as an occupational therapist, working in an acute mental health setting and in a specialist psychological therapies team. During this time he spent nine years training in Process Oriented Psychology. Mick went on to work as a Lecturer and Director of Admissions within the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK. He retired from academia in 2015\. The focus of Mick's therapeutic work and research is on spiritually transformative experiences. He has written two books, The Unselfish Spirit (2014) and The Visionary Spirit (2018), and he is currently working on a new book, The Restorative Spirit (2021). Mick was interviewed about his work at the International Hay Festival for literature (2015) and he has also appeared on Conscious TV (2016). He continues to present his work at conferences and workshops. Mick is passionate about the integration of the 'transpersonal' into everyday life. He lives in Norwich with his wife Hannah, and is a father and grandfather.



Ellie Paskell is a Somatic Soul Coach™, mindfulness teacher, award winning actress and embodied revolutionary. 

The first two decades of her life saw Ellie walk the path of a traditional activist; fighting for equality and demonstrating for change as she appeared on stage and screens in her work as an actress.

At 22, however, Ellie's body started to shout for attention with a 'concrete fog' that wouldn't go away. For five years, she tentatively paid attention to the sensations; trying to fix them; trying to ignore them; trying to carry on as normal. But this life, it turns out, is not meant for 'carrying on as normal' and eventually, Ellie accepted her deeper knowing which whispered:

"Your body leads you only in the direction of what you most desire. Follow what feels good and find freedom, joy, and wild alignment with Mother Earth." 

So, in 2012, Ellie surrendered to her body, released her career, relationship and fast paced life - and entered the Rabbit Hole.  Since that time, she's spent years away from modern culture, listening to and learning from her body which guides her to bring somatic magic to our shifting world. 


Ellie lives life guided by her body as she works with people all over the globe; those here to revolutionise their lives, their health and human society by mining the gold that is their somatic intelligence.   Ellie supports others to fly, free, of the constraints of societal expectation and to flow with the beat of their bodies for happiness, health, truth and magic.



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