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Unwind Your Acquired Identity & Free Your Voice!

Within the Session, You Will:

-Take a journey with songs from Marya’s new album! 

-Hear a realm-spanning story

-Discover how to use your voice to find stability in turbulent times 

and uncover new layers of who you are. 

Marya's session will be available until Wednesday 18th November at 10am GMT / 5am Eastern / 2am Pacific / 11am CET 

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Free download of 'Sapphire'

- Marya's stunning new album! ​


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Marya Stark is an award-winning vocalist, composer, producer, performer, and multi-instrumentalist. She is a storyteller, bard, muse and poet, her music being described as “Freddie Mercury Doing The Nutcracker.”   She has produced and released numerous projects, ranging from voice-focused womb healing anthems, children’s albums, to experimental witch-folk, electronic, and orchestral folk-pop productions.

Marya has traveled around the world sharing her evocative narrative music with audiences, weaving soundscapes of imaginal wonder, inter-generational healing, and introspective paradox with theatrical flare.  

When not on stage or in the studio developing her song-craft, Marya offers her knowledge as a creativity and empowerment guide, supporting the Archetypal Embodiment Journey of her students. Founder of the Rose Bard Academy , she is a mentor in the art of voice and songwriting, working with those passionate about refining their personal sound, developing their unique genius, and bringing their creative visions to life.  

Marya is steeped in the alchemical arts of music therapy,energetic psychology and womb healing, and currently leads expressive arts enrichment immersions globally and online. She is a chaser of waterfalls, a lover of wonder, and receiver of songs between the worlds.