Cradle your body,

unleash your fire


Holds Space for you to:


The Session includes guided practice and magical discussion. Within it, you will:

-Open to your somatic experience with  curiosity and compassion

-Harness your agency to take actions that fill you up

-Discover what's possible for your life when you befriend your body

Dana's session will be available until Wednesday 18th November at 10am GMT / 5am Eastern / 2am Pacific / 11am CET 




unleash your fire

Dana's free gift to you:

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Dana Regan is the Founder and Director of

Somatic Soul Coach™ School, a 500 HR. professional life-coach training for

women. Her school is the culmination of her over a decade-long work as a coach

and wellness leader. She has created a rigorous and substantial curriculum that

supports coaches and leaders to incorporate somatic work into their new and

existing professional coaching practices. The work that Dana does has impacted

the lives of hundreds of women internationally over the past 12 years—from

artists to entrepreneurs to teachers to C-suite executives.


She helps women realize their full potential so they can live more

joyful, meaningful, and successful lives. Her mission is to create an embodied

world where every-BODY is able to access their truest expression of self and

experience the deep sense of freedom that comes with body-mind wholeness,

integration, and well-being. 


Dana believes that all human beings embody an innate intelligence

that allows them to rewire their nervous system for health and happiness. By

sharing this knowledge and wisdom through her Somatic Soul Coach™ School, Dana

knows that she is waking people up to the instincts, intuition, and gut-knowing

that will allow them to move from stuck to unstoppable. In this way, Dana is

able to deepen her impact on the world as a Somatic Soul Coach ™ while helping

other leaders to do the same.



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