Holds Space for you to:


Welcome Your Juiciness

- Follow Your Pleasure!  

This session includes guided practice and discussion. Within it you will:

-Be guided to rest into sacred womb space

-Discover how to live a life guided by your pleasure centre!

-Experience Brianna’s awesome no-B.S.presence

Brianna's session will be available until November 20th at 10am GMT / 5am Eastern / 2am Pacific / 11am CET 




unleash your fire

BRIANNA'S free gift to you:

win a clairvoyant session with brianna!

During your time with Brianna -  you will look at your energy body patterns, struggles and gifts.



to claim Brianna's free gift. 

Brianna Wunderlin is a warm, nurturing healer and spiritual truth teller; weaving together ancient lineages into the present time. She creates healing people feel and can grow with over time, and leads groups that empower people to transform and feel the divine within.

She has a Masters in Processwork, a modality for therapy and group facilitation. She has meditated for countless hours, studied with guru’s, completed years of pilgrimages to indigenous sacred sites, and completed an intensive 2 year course in psychic studies.

#All of her studies bring her back to the path of embodiment and helping people access their divinity in the body through the path of heart.



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