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This realm of story and truth...


...was enhanced by many beautious sound effects from

Thank you! 

Here is the list of sounds and the creators of them (click sounds and names to learn more)

  • S: Old clock ticking by giddster | License: Creative Commons 0

  • S: Gentle Ocean Waves Mix (2018) by esh9419 

  •  Light wooshes by florianreichelt | License: Creative Commons 0

  • S: woosh.wav by ReadeOnly | License: Creative Commons 0

  • S: Firework Single Rocket #1 by Kinoton | License: Creative Commons 0

  • S: Lovely little firework.flac by jrosin | License: Creative Commons 0

  • S: fireworks whistle.WAV by cupido-1 | License: Creative Commons 0

  • S: UI_Plop_Simple by LamaMakesMusic | License: Creative Commons 0

  • S: Pop, plop, plops, poing and waterdrop imitate by misjoc | License: Creative Commons 0

  • S: Mouth Plops.wav by CapsLok | License: Creative Commons 0

  • S: Nighttime Bonfire 2 by samararaine | License: Creative Commons 0

  • S: fire roar and crackle.flac by laptaper | License: Creative Commons 0

  • S: SparksFly7.wav by bliindness | License: Creative Commons 0

  • S: Djembe Loop 06 - 120 BPM.wav by Manuel.Ed | License: Creative Commons 0

  • S: djembe grooves_kassa_120bpm.wav by mikesh | License: Creative Commons 0

  • S: singing bowl gong.wav by zambolino | License: Creative Commons 0

  • S: singing bowl.wav by zambolino | License: Creative Commons 0

  • S: Temple chiming bowl singing bowl.MP3 by macdaddyno1 |

  • S: Match - Strike and Light 02.wav by JarredGibb | License: Creative Commons 0

  • S: Cave Fire by barrygusey | License: Creative Commons 0

  • S: Bonfire Being Lit by samararaine | License: Creative Commons 0

  • S: Harmonica (Paulstretch).wav by kristinhamby | License: Creative Commons 0

  • S: children_singing.wav by isohoo | License: Creative Commons 0

  • S: Twinkle twinkle little star Harmonica.wav by JordanDurren | License: Creative Commons 0

  • S: Stereo Harmony Bells by newagesoup | License: Creative Commons 0

  • S: Old School Projector by KevinBrown | License: Creative Commons 0

  • S: Child Crying In Yard by simonjsounds | License: Creative Commons 0

  • S: Scream.mp3 by Topschool | License: Creative Commons 0

  • S: Sports Crowd Various Sounds by FlatHill | License: Creative Commons 0

  • S: Trumpet.wav by maurolupo | License: Creative Commons 0

  • S: Morning-Birds.mp3 by dadshb1489 | License: Creative Commons 0

  • S: crowd ext medium excited entertained walla and audience reactions to talent show performers raucous laughter and applause Uganda, Africa 2016.wav by kyles | License: Creative Commons 0

  • S: ShootingStars173bpm.wav by aj_heels | License: Attribution

  • S: Long swoosh by FireFlame74 | License: Creative Commons 0

  • S: Wind1.mp3 by vandale | License: Creative Commons 0

  • S: Wind Chimes, A.wav by InspectorJ | License: Attribution

  • S: Night ambience with crickets by KVProds | License: Creative Commons 0

  • S: Night crickets.wav by o_ciz | License: Creative Commons 0

  • S: Bistro.wav by brainwaves8 | License: Creative Commons 0

  • S: Bells french distant.wav by lazymonk | License: Creative Commons 0

  • S: Church bell.wav by Audeption | License: Creative Commons 0

  • S: Heartbeats 61.wav by patobottos | License: Creative Commons 0

  • S: Stream, Running Water | Aviemore Scotland by BurghRecords | License: Creative Commons 0

  • S: Bass_Drum_roll.wav by jcdecha | License: Creative Commons 0

  • S: RnB beat .mp3 by soundmatch24 | License: Creative Commons 0

  • S: Radio_Scanning_Theremin_Effect.aif by Spectrm | License: Creative Commons 0

  • Downloaded on September 14th, 2020

  • S: Autumn wind and dry leaves.wav by Stek59 | License: Creative Commons 0

  • S: Flower Market Columbia Road.wav by petewyer2 | License: Creative Commons 0

  • S: Amazonian Dolphins by felix.blume | License: Creative Commons 0

  • S: Baleines.wav by davidou | License: Creative Commons 0

  • S: Voice elephant.mp3 by vataaa | License: Creative Commons 0

  • S: Elephant Trumpets Growls.flac by D.jones | License: Creative Commons 0

  • S: The Pips by kwahmah_02 | License: Creative Commons 0

  • S: Alarm, Air Raid Siren, Test, Devonport, Sony PCM M-10.wav by audiojacked | License: Creative Commons 0

  • S: 130405_london_victoriatubestation_trainarriving.wav by blaukreuz | License: Creative Commons 0

  • S: Pacific Ocean @ Chile, Southamerica by nachoramirezco | License: Creative Commons 0

  • S: Cranes 2.wav by straget | License: Creative Commons 0

  • S: Distant Wind Chimes - Bamboo, Pluto, Gypsy Mezzo & Soprano - and birds - Hunter's Path, Teign Gorge (position 1) - excerpt by Philip Goddard | License: Attribution Noncommercial

  • S: Echo Flute 10.5.wav by davidou | License: Creative Commons 0

  • S: morse.mp3 by electronicmusik | License: Creative Commons 0

  • S: Simulated Spanish radio commercial by Efecto Fundador | License: Creative Commons 0

  • Downloaded on September 3rd, 2020

  • S: Morse Code Alphabet by Janosch-JR | License: Creative Commons 0

  • S: Oceanwaves and crickets by Eelke | License: Attribution

  • S: Oceanwaves and crickets by Eelke | License: Attribution

  • S: Calm Ocean Breeze Simulation by ALLANZ10D | License: Creative Commons 0

  • S: R27-25-Large Fire Burning.wav by craigsmith | License: Creative Commons 0

  • S: Wind Chimes, A.wav by InspectorJ | License: Attribution

  • S: magical rising wind or sea .wav by martian | License: Creative Commons 0

  • S: Heartbeats 61.wav by patobottos | License: Creative Commons 0

  • S: womb secret.wav by Voktebef | License: Attribution Noncommercial

All used to create this pure, unadulterated story time for you.

Each day, another episode of Tabby's Way will become available.

Lie back, listen and let go. 

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Tabby's Way has been written, performed and produced by Ellie Paskell who, as well as being the creator of Cradle Your Body, Unleash Your Fire, is a Somatic Soul Coach™ and award winning actress. Having touched hearts, the world over, with her performances on stage and screen, Ellie now brings her talents and creations to you.

"The power of story to invigorate our creational powers is huge and much needed in these times. I'm delighted to be bringing Tabby to life and for you to join her has you fly your own path.

Everything you can imagine with your inner eye is possible. Let's remember our beautiful new world, together."

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