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The extraordinary online retreat for listening, rest and revolution.

Within about ten minutes - as if by magic - you'll receive an email explaining how to get the most out of this retreat. 

And, in the meantime, I’d like to share with you an awesome one-time opportunity …

The 30+ sessions in Cradle Your Body, Unleash Your Fire will take you on a core-cradling journey, after which you'll never be the same again. 

Prepare to be supported by world renowned space holders, hear songs and story from award-winning artists and experience your body, anew.   

If you know you’d love to experience Cradle Your Body, Unleash Your Fire at your own pace - and be able to return to it whenever you need (by having permanent downloadable access to all of the session even after the event ends …)

From this page only, you can UPGRADE to Unlimited Lifetime Access for the full set of interviews for only £55 (regular price £222).

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When you upgrade, you’ll receive downloadable mp3 (audio) and mp4 (video) versions of each & every session to keep in your personal library. In addition to the sessions featuring world renowned coaches and artists, your life time access also includes the complete recording of the magical somatic story Tabby's Way .

You and your body can experience the sessions again & again - whenever you need.

Feeling scrambled, next month, and need space to tune into your embodied truth? No problem! Choose one of your Cradle Your Body, Unleash Your Fire recordings and get clarity. 

There's going to be incredible revelations as you move through this retreat. I invite you to gift yourself lifetime access to this. 

Please know that YES, you can watch all of the interviews COMPLETELY FREE, while the event is live!

However this is a unique & never-to-be-found-again collection of sessions from some of today’s most leading-edge somatic superstars (see the complete list of space-holders & their session topics below).

Being able to come back to this embodiment-support again and again, even after the event has ended, will be extremely valuable for your own clarity, self love and fire. It will help you to be on the forefront of our global evolution as together, we build our new world!

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Some of the space-holders, artists, coaches and revolutionaries here to support you on retreat :

your host - Ellie Paskell

Somatic Soul Coach™, Actress, Creator 

Susannah Darling Khan

Founder of Movement Medicine


Globally renowned musical artist and coach. 

Alexandra Pope

& Sjanie hugo Wurlitzer

 Founders of the Red School


 Award-winning vocalist, storyteller and guide

sameer patel

Filmmaker and embodied experiencer

bernadette pleasant

Founder of The Emotional Institute® & Femme! 

tasha blank

Visionary DJ and movement coach

Jamye Price

Channel, healer, author

Jeralyn Glass

Musician, singer, crystal bowl meditation leader

casey berglund

Embodiment Guide, Ted X Speaker

dana regan

Founder of the Somatic Soul Coach™ School

daniel barber

Musical expert in navigating the unknown


Poetic priestess & creator of the Feminine Fire Sisterhood

frances goodall

Author, Coach & Founder of The Women's Wellness Circle

jewels wingfield

Womb Wisdom Keeper

Lainie love dalby

Galactic Rainbow Shamaness & founder of The Ecstatic Embodied Leadership Academy

am i mica sinclair

Awesome Musician and Awakening Being 

DR. mick collins

 Author and embodied experiencer

anin rose

Musical artist and co-director of the London International Gospel Choir

lynn marie lumiere

Author & somatic psychotherapist 

elizabeth wood

'Living Library' and Oracle. 

jocelyn mercado

Founder of Sacred Planet & guide for visionary entrepreneurs  

torie feldman

Ancestral healing guide

anaiya sophia

Author, storyteller and mystic.

Katie Mottram

Creator of the Emerging Proud movement.



Founder of

The Goddess Tea House

Kadidja Yansane

Women's business coach & founder of 'Bloom Into You'

lauren harkness 

Co-Founder of The Tantra Institute of NY

VerDarLuz CelestiOwl

Shamanic Astrologer, artist and musician


Coach, Healer, Rest-Revolutionary


Embodied Healer and Truth Teller

freyja inanna

Trauma release facilitator and Inspirational Being

Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own all 30+ of these spine-rooting sessions in your personal collection.

sing, dance, rest, listen, soothe-yourself to your next level of being.



NB - this link will take you to my site :)

I can’t wait to share these life-changing experiences with you!


Love and Kindness,


ellie Paskell

Somatic Soul Coach, Artist, Creator.

more info' on the story Tabby's Way

This retreat is wound with a world of story.

Each day - a new episode of the story Tabby's Way will be available for you to hear. 


 Tabby's Way is an Eat Pray Love meets Harry Potter meets guttural-fire type of a tale. Created and performed by myself - Ellie Paskell.

This is the fruits of my twenty year journey as an actress and embodied-awakener. 


I invite you, each day of the retreat, to take ten minutes to enjoy story time. 

As you feel your heart swell and your imagination run wild, you are creating pieces of our new world. 

That's the power of story, that's the power of inspiration, that's the power of feeling. It's in your hands, my love.

When you purchase Lifetime Access to Cradle Your Body, Unleash Your Fire - you get every episode of Tabby's Way, included.